Grounded ATP and flight instruction?

I was asked this question by a nurse regarding a medical grounded ATP.
This gentleman needs to maintain some contact with aviation.
Is there a way that he can do more than ground school instructor duties.
It seems to me that I recall reading somewhere that an instructor can continue without a medical.
Can anyone give me any help on this?
BTW, Its not me tho I went thru the same thing. Thank god as an A&P IA I still get to play with airplanes

I believe they can still offer flight instruction, as long as they are not acting as pilot-in-command. I once knew a gentleman who was in a similar predicament, and he was allowed to instruct, just not to private pilot students. He could do bi-annuals, instrument training, and commercial training though.

He could instruct at FlightSafety, SimuFlight, etc… The instructors only need a medical if they are acting as Check Airman for JAA students.

Or he could look into a job as a dispatcher or flight coordinator for corporate, airline, or 135 ops.

He can flight instruct at his local FBO. He doesn’t need a medical as long as his student is PIC; that will limit him to BFR’s Instrument training in VMC, etc.