Ground planes not seeing in my range


I have a range +200nm, but i can see planes with lower altitude in my nearest airport (say 5000ft), but nearest country airport even i have the range, I can see only +30000 feet planes passing over. Ground planes or plane with lower altitude cant see

What setting need to view ground planes in all my range airports.

Any obstacles between you and the airport? That can cause that limitation

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You can also use
to see some obstacles in your path to the local airports. It doesn’t show human made obstacles well (Buildings, bridges etc).

Go to that site, enter your latitude, longitude and antenna height, enter a name or label, create a new panorama, then scroll down to the map and click the “Up in the air” button, and enter a very low altitude like 100 in the orange field at the bottom. It will show whether you’re being blocked by terrain features like hills. You can change the upper and lower height values in those map settings to see what your maximum theoretical ranges should be for planes at various altitudes.

Next step would be to drive around between your site and the airport looking for tall trees or buildings that may be blocking you and aren’t shown on heywhatsthat, and that you can’t see from your location (too far away, view blocked by a tree, etc.)

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