Request for added capabilities to OBJ

OBJ, I was told you were the GURU… Could you please consider the following if you have time?

Is there any way we could get some added features? I believe since these pertain to what is displayed it may only be required in the HTML code portion. Maybe thru dropdown menus for the associated values and of course the appropriate code to do the filtering.

1 - Altitude filtering… Set lower limit and upper limit and show only what is between those settings. i.e.: Lower limit 0 and upper limit 12,000 would only show what is between the surface and 12,000 feet (reported altitude).

2 - Maximum Display Range… Only show aircraft within this range. i.e.: 60nm would only show what is within 60nm of the ADS-B Receiver (programmed value)

3 - Display ADS-B Avionics version number (1, 2 or 3 currently) as only Version 3 or above (future above) is displayed to the controllers and has higher accuracy. i.e.: This could be a added column in the aircraft list.

Edit: Current versions are 0, 1 and 2. Version 2 (and above for future) are used on the controllers display. earlier versions re filtered.

With these first two items we can look more closely at what is considered ‘Terminal’ or ‘Enroute’ aircraft. Since I live near KMEM I can set the upper to 12,000 feet and the lower to 0 feet and the range to 60nm and essentially just watch what is in Memphis Approach/Departure airspace.

Just a thought but these would let folks customize things a little more.



1 is already available in dump1090-fa

Thanks for the input. Items 2 and 3 are under consideration for future enhancements.


Now to find out how #1 works…

Thanks OBJ. I am setting up another RPi with the FA version. I will look for it.

Question about Altitude Filter:

If I set the floor to 0 and upper limit to 12,000 does this have any effect on what is sent to FA and ADS-B Exchange or only what is sent to a browser that is watching the output via HTML? I am interested on filters being in the web server side and not on what is sent to FA, etc…



It only affects what is shown locally in the browser.

I personally would like to see an ability to set a filter for a configurable set of airplanes (hex id, tail number etc). I have one of the receivers at my local flight school and I did modified mutability version to give them an ability to see their fleet only with a click of a button, but it is difficult to merge that with FA version.

While we are at it … I would like to be able to click on plane and see which sites were tracking MLAT.

  1. it is probably a privacy issue
  2. would require a query to the MLAT server/s.

I tried searching the msg base, but is there a way to update(add to) the aircraft symbols in 1090-fa browser display map? I was tracking a C-130 and it looked like a small twin jet.

Sorry. Thanks for responding!

Have you looked into Planeplotter? You can see what sharers have picked up an aircraft. It is totally separate from FA.

For contrail spotting, request an altitude filter (high) with email alert when an aircraft comes within a certain range please.

Thanks, B

OBJ, while you are at it in your copious free time, can you add ‘sort on non-existent field’ button?