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Graphs1090 and Dump1090-fa running on different Raspberry Pi

Hello everybody!

I have on my ADS-B station two Raspberry Pi: the first one (old B + v1.2) running dump1090-fa, PiAware and graphs1090, and the second one (the new model 4) is my Maps / Tracks server, running Virtual Radar Server with Mono. I want to transfer the graphs1090 from the old RPi to the new, without losing the history. Is it possible to do a new installation on this new RPi and configure it to catch the data from the old one? Is it possible to move the history (+ - 6 months) to from the old to the new RPi?


Check the readme on how to save and restore the DB: GitHub - wiedehopf/graphs1090: Graphs for dump1090 (based on dump1090-tools by mutability)

You can’t connect the SDR to the RPi4?
That would be by far the best / easiest solution.

@wiedehopf, thanks for the answer. Yes, I could use the RPi 4 as the SDR, but I just to “move” the graphs1090 from the old RPi to the new, with the history (yes, I saw the instructions on the GitHub). The main doubt is: if I install graphs1090 on the new RPi, is possible to configure it to read the data generated on the old RPi (where in fact dump1090-fa is running)? Graphs1090 can read data from the remote computer?

Yes you can change collectd.conf but it will only read the SDR statistics.
CPU and temperature statistics and stuff like that will be checked on the Pi4.

You could also just set up a relay on the RPi4 that would get the beast data from the old RPi.
Then also install the feed clients on the RPi4 to alleviate the load.
Such a relay can be done using this for example: Automatic installation for readsb · wiedehopf/adsb-scripts Wiki · GitHub