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Google Home Integration?

Trying to figure out if anyone has setup a google home to show the Skyaware page on a TV. I can cast it to the tv from my laptop, but I’d like a more hands-off way of viewing it if possible.

I also run a plex server that I could use as well if anyone has done that.

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If your tv is IP capable, just point it at the Pi’s IP as you would any other site.

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Not sure what you mean by hands-off.

As @geckovn said above

I have one TV that has a browser and is connected to the local network. I use the URL http://ip-of-my-pi/dump1090-fa

I have another old TV just used as a monitor that has an old PC connected by HDMI so it just displays what is on the PC. Again I use the URL http://ip-of-my-pi/dump1090-fa

Do either of these suit your needs?


Any Smart TV or other device which is able to access Internet Pages via graphical interface (typically a browser) is capable to show you the map of your Raspberry.

I do that from time to time on my Sony TV. Simply point the browser to the URL http://[yourPIAdress]/dump1090-fa and you will see the map there.