SkyView on TV display with another raspberry pi

So we just got a Flight Aware Flight Feeder at our airport. We’re just outside Chicago, so we get a lot of traffic. I am looking to display the SkyView on a 32" TV by connecting another Raspberry Pi via HDMI cable for a neat display of what’s around our airport. Has anyone else done that? I’m not very literate when it comes to computer programming and the Raspberry Pi. I’d like it to automatically pull up the browser with the SkyView and display it on the TV in case of power interruption. Assistance would be greatly appreciated!


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Grab the latest SD image of the raspberry pi OS with pixel. Pixel is the desktop that runs the chromium web browser.

Start chromium in kiosk mode to connect to the flight feeder.
There are a few instructions floating around the web on how to run chromium on boot in kiosk mode.

You can also setup any extra laptop computer to do the same thing as the raspberry pi.


Thanks for the help! We got it up and running because of you. Much appreciated!