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Adding a display to a raspberry pi


I have added a display to my Pi (still waiting for the dongle to arrive) but I was wondering if I could get the info displayed on the added screen as you see on flightfeeder orange?


I would assume that with some programming skills the data provided dump1090-fa as json file can be somehow processed. But i have no idea how that could work

You can find the stats at this URL:


If it’s a graphical interface like the latest Flightfeeder, you can show the whole web content.

Thanks @foxhunter. From your reply I assume no one has so far attempted or should I say succeeded in doing this? My programming skills are not so good so I would appreciate any pointers on how to go about this.

That’s not what i was saying. I do not know all threads in this forum. Maybe someone tried it.
Most threads i am aware of is regarding showing the map on that display.

I searched the forum before starting the thread as I couldn’t find anything specific to this. The map is interesting but I think it depends on the display size. The one I bought is 3.5 in so I think that is too small for a map.

Check out this post


Thanks @jonhawkes2030

I run a Pi with a 3.5 display and the X11 setup so that it starts a browser pointing to the web page in something like a kiosk mode. It is nice as a quick glance status from the desk. Then I realized today that the backlight seems to be going out, but I attached a pic anyway.

(I’ve pushed some code changes to make it easier to startup this way from the URL, but haven’t gotten around to sending a pull request)