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Showing SkyAware on RPi touch screen?

Does anyone know how to display the SkyAware page on the Raspberry Pi Touchscreen like shown on the FA ADS-B facebook page here:

Mine is just showing the black PiAware login page.

you will need to have a browser installed which requires the full desktop interface and not only the command line installed on the Raspberry.

If this is given, open the local adress on the Raspberry

Okay thank you, do I have to do anything special after flashing the Raspberry interface onto the SD card or just plug the pro stick into the USB?

There is thread about this here as well, with a parts list.

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You mean the piaware image? That has not got a desktop environment. You‘ll have to install a full raspian, then add the piaware package, then open a browser and type in the address.

I guess it is also possible to add the desktop environment to the sdcard image install.

That’s what I mean. How do you add the piaware package after adding raspbian

Adding Pixel Desktop to Lite image


According to above page only these commands are needed

sudo apt update
sudo apt upgrade
sudo apt install raspberrypi-ui-mods  
sudo reboot
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My touchscreen doesn’t work, or works intermittently.

Hi. I have the RPi touchscreen with a Pi4 and have flightaware up and running. I must be using a different GUI than you as I get a chromium browser screen or a firefox screen with PiAware SkyAware running in the browser window. You are not showing any browser window just a full screen PiAware SkyAware screen.
My GUI is LXDE project LXPanel 0.10.0. What GUI Are you running? How are you getting PiAware SkyAware running full screen?

Works for almost every browser. It has nothing to do with the GUI, Pressing F11 set the browser to fullscreen mode without menu and other stuff


Yeah, I figured that one out after posting. Do appreciate the help though.