"Goats and sheep chow down on weeds at SeaTac"


An interesting article from USA Today. I guess Seattle is using the goats and sheep to graze on hard to reach places on the airport. I wonder how they will control the location of the animals? I mean, we wouldn’t want sheep running out on the runway.


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Some DOT’s use goats to trim down the sides of their highways instead of the standard prisoner. Maybe easier to contain the goats than the felons.


At Sea-Tac you’re more likely to hit a bear on the runway then a goat.

Most airports have a significant amount of unimproved land around them. Although Sea-Tac doesn’t have as much as some, there is still alot of vacant land to the North (very steep hill on short approach to rwys16) West and South (look at a map between 200th and 216th streets where they bought up all the houses).




WTF? A bear? have you ever been to the Sea-Tac airport? it’s as urban as Regan or DFW. Wow way to know the PNW.


Do they not have irony on your planet?


ACTUALLY- I moved to South Florida, no one has a sense of humor OR a sense of irony. kinda Ironic huh?


Now you’re being sardonic to entrap us!


Lots of bears living around Sea-Tac.

This incident took place on the south end of Sea-Tac. Sadly the wildlife biologist mentioned in the article was struck by a helicopter rotor a year ago, while on the job. http://seattlepi.nwsource.com/local/317430_bearloose26.html


Not to glamorize it, but how in the heck does a person get struck by a helictoper rotor. I mean, it’s not hard to see.


They were working on a slope relocating bighorn sheep.