Sea-Tac third runway


Neighbors upset over third runway’s use

As Port of Seattle and Federal Aviation Administration officials insisted they had always intended to use the new Sea-Tac Airport runway in fair and foul weather, neighbors called the new noise heartbreaking at a meeting Thursday


“About 45 people attended a meeting Thursday at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport to discuss use of the new third runway.”

You bought a house next to an existing airport which has been there since 1944. Airports are NOISY!!!

Will somebody PLEASE kick these people in the ass and send them home!

Where’s Bull Shannon when we need him???


My thoughts exactly.
Its like the people who complain about noise from my local airport. It’s not my fault you built .25 miles from the end of a runway which has been in existence since the 1920s…


I know I know…
They buy a house next to Disneyland and then they complain about the traffic.


Or reserve a hotel room next to the Niagra Falls and complain about the noise of the falls!


:unamused: if you could only hear the complaint line @ LAS…the real crazy’s come out to complain.


You mean like the ones that believe that the light beam atop the Luxor is a gubment ruse to signal the aliens and lure them to Area 51? :unamused:


Are you trying to say it’s NOT!!!


LOLZ!!! I have lived here since 1971…and even worked at TTR back when it was top secret…had a clearance and saw “have blue” with my own eyes…but I never seen any aliens! :open_mouth: :smiley:

yeah…lot’s of late night driking at the “Little Alien-In” bar in Rachel really brings out the “best in people”…

nut jobs…now, where is MY tin foil hat!!! :confused: