Gillespie Field, truck crashes thru gate destroys 2 planes

Local News driver blacked out, crashed thru a gate?, destroying a Cessna 152, destroying a second unknown aircraft, and clipped a third.

Waiting for updates to this story.

Ouch . . .

Your airplane scratched my truck.

AP Photo

:imp: I would be sooo pissed if I woke up and drove to the field and seen that done to my airplane. Or cry!!!

That’ll buff right out.

nothing 10 rolls of duct tape won’t fix

I thought that was only for use after a bear assault, not a truck! :wink:

Plane vs fence. Fence wins again.

Dang, This was no light tap… More like a wallop. Guess someone’s Thanksgiving plans are out.

“”“Broadcast images showed a white pickup truck lodged under a high-winged plane that appeared to have suffered significant damage.”“”

Nice Dodge! Too bad both truck, and plane are messed up…