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Better Be Good!!! :wink: :wink:

Silly me. I thought all they take are breaks…

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Ha, I make fun of TSA everyday at work.

I curse them. :unamused:

I am now working on an AIT installation project @ LAS for 10 new AIT’s…while the MGT of the TSA is a good group of professionals, I can’t say the same for the rank and file…something to be desired.

Hahaha. Every once in a while I get in a good one. TSA people are the worst, most incompetent people in the government. That says ALOT!

Then I’m afraid you are part of the problem.

how…I am a PM for construction for the Airport authority. we have NO choice in the matter, if we want to keep our cert and allow aircraft to service LAS, then we must do what the Feds require.

if your issue is with the TSA, I’d suggest you contact them or your senator/assemblyperson, don’t make an innocent working bystandard your scapegoat.

Pay no attention to him, he’s Canadian. :stuck_out_tongue:

Those silly Canuck’s! :smiley: