Yet even more STUPID TSA idiotic going ons … ty-policy/

They are testing liquid purchased INSIDE the “secured” area!

“A society that will trade a little liberty for a little order will lose both, and deserve neither.”

― John Stuart Mill

Didn’t you already start a thread on TSA BS?
Please use the search function before posting :laughing:

I am fully aware I started a thread on stupid TSA tricks. I started this thread because to concentrate on one more new “security device” the terminally stupid assholes are doing. If you read the article you will see it also covers more than just airports.

Another reason for a new thread is to get the information out there. Some people may see the thread, consider it an old one (even though the last post is only 1.5 months old) and not pay attention to it. The public needs to know more about how their government is treating them. They need to get upset at it and do something, even if it’s just passing on information they may not see elsewhere.

It’s ALL old news, SSDD.