Get All Flights Leaving Airport that day

How can I get all the flights that are departing from a particular airport during, lets say, today? or even tomorrow?

For a particular Airport, I want to be able to show what flights are on time and which are delayed.


“Scheduled” will list all of the flights that are planned to leave in the future that we already have flight information for. However, it cannot return flights more than 24 hours in the future. … _Scheduled

To determine if a flight from that list is on time, you can compare the “estimatedarrivaltime” value in that structure with originally scheduled arrival time (which you must compute yourself). To compute the scheduled arrival time, you can call “FlightInfoEx” with “ident@filed_departuretime” and from the result, convert filed_ete to an integer and add it to filed_departuretime (then cache/store the result to avoid needing to compute it again).