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Get departure and arrival airports and scheduled times


I need to get the departure and arrival airports and the planned - scheduled (not actual) departure and arrival times for a given flight id. How can I do that? I was told to use FlightInfoEx but I don’t know which fields I should use from the returned struct


Did someone find the solution for this?

FlightInfoEx returns the two airports in the “origin” and “destination” fields.

The “filed_departuretime” field is the when the flight is planned to depart. The adding the “filed_ete” to the filed_departuretime will get you the filed_arrivaltime.

The filed times are usually close enough to the scheduled times of the flight, unless the flight has already been significantly delayed before the flight plan is entered into ATC. If you want to find the actually scheduled times, then you need to use the AirlineFlightSchedules function and search for the date you are interested in.