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Scheduled flight arrival time

On the flightInfoEx method, I return the following data :
{‘FlightInfoExResult’: {‘next_offset’: -1, ‘flights’: [{‘destination’: ‘KMEM’, ‘destinationCity’: ‘Memphis, TN’, ‘actualdeparturetime’: 1563890063, ‘filed_airspeed_mach’: ‘’, ‘estimatedarrivaltime’: 1563893400, ‘aircrafttype’: ‘DC10’, ‘filed_ete’: ‘00:55:00’, ‘diverted’: ‘’, ‘originCity’: ‘Tulsa, OK’, ‘actualarrivaltime’: 0, ‘route’: ‘MAYJI FSM LIT HOBRK3’, ‘faFlightID’: ‘FDX413-1563809198-14-8-184’, ‘destinationName’: ‘Memphis Intl’, ‘filed_departuretime’: 1563891120, ‘originName’: ‘Tulsa Intl’, ‘ident’: ‘FDX413’, ‘origin’: ‘KTUL’, ‘filed_airspeed_kts’: 476, ‘filed_altitude’: 330, ‘filed_time’: 1563890116}]}}

Is there a scheduled arrival time in this data? If not, where would I need to look in order to find such information .

Could I please have an answer. Thanks!

For FlightInfoEx you will want to do the sum of the filed_departuretime and filed_ete (converted to seconds) to get a scheduled arrival time.

Some more common stats can be calculated using this guide: