Scheduled Departure Time

In Flightaware app, which function/field returns the departure scheduled time?

I know that filed_departuretime under FlightExStruct gets the scheduled departure time however I doubt that this the same function/field used by flightaware app as such info is only available hours before departure time while flightaware app displays the scheduled departure time up to 2 days before departure.

Any updates?

Using FlightInfoEx and the filed_departuretime should still be what you are looking for, and that should be the same as what our app is displaying. If you wanted to be more complete, you could call AirlineFlightSchedules and try to look up the originally published scheduled departure time, but you would probably still want to also display the filed_departuretime just in case it was different.

(Keep in mind that not all of the features within the FlightAware website or mobile app are necessarily possible using just FlightXML. Additionally, the FlightAware app does not bother to lookup the originally published schedules and effectively just uses the filed_departuretime field.)