Germany = Fatal Citation crash while attempting barrel roll

Details just coming out, but a Citation 550 en route from Czech Republlic to Sweden, crashed near Dresden Germany today.

Aircraft believed to be two crew on board en route to pick up passengers.

German air traffic control spokesman Axel Raab says the pilot of the Cessna 550 Citation was given clearance to climb to a higher level after entering German airspace at 8.20 p.m. (1920GMT). However, the pilot never replied and the plane then disappeared from radar screens.
Raab says wreckage has now apparently been found, but officials are still investigating. The plane was southeast of the eastern German city of Dresden when controllers had their last contact with it.


Reports are aircraft parts have been discovered near the town of Schona (Saxony) , SE of Dresdan, pieces of wreckage had been found. Of the two pilots are missing without trace. The search in the rugged and rocky forest area near the Czech border was very difficult and almost impossible in the darkness, said a police spokesman.

Reported as Citation 550B OK-ACH of ABS Jets based Prague.

2005 C550B OK-ACH

Aircraft described as in pieces, crew recovered. Aircraft had been flying at 8000 meters and had been cleared to 10500 meters, however there was no response from the aircraft.

Click Here press release by German authorities.

CVR was recovered which showed evidence the crew had attempted a barrel roll.

“That was some of the best flying I’ve ever seen, right up 'till the part where you got killed…”-Jester