General Aviation Filter - Horizon Airlines


would it be possible to get QXE flights removed from the General Aviation filter (and PCM flights would be nice too). I’m in Sacramento and look at the GA filter most days, and it’s always full of these airline type entries.

Thanks - Rick


Good catch, will be removed within 24 hours.


Can we also look at JAI, OOM, SKK, SSV, SWG, SYX, TSC and WJA flights being removed from the General Aviation filter?



Thanks, will be moved within 24 hours.

We use an opt-in system where everything goes in GA unless it’s a known airline, so we appreciate the feedback to improve the list.


CJA, CUB, FLE, GGN and RZO too please.



Guys - could I also add AMF to the list to be removed please.

Thanks - Rick


Thanks, will be added within 24 hours.


Can we also remove CPZ from the General Aviation filter?



Done, give it a few hours to propagate.


Can we put CNK and KFS back in as GA?



KFS is not a general aviation operator!


This is a problem we’ve seen, everyone defines airline/GA differently.


Not sure what else you would consider an operator of primarily Learjets and Falcons.



It’s not the size of aircraft that determines whether the aircraft is a general aviation aircraft.

Probably before your time there was an airline named Prinair in Puerto Rico. It operated hundreds of flights a day throughout the Caribbean. Yet, it’s largest aircraft for most of the time was a Heron. It was an airline, not a GA operator.

For a more recent operator, check out Cape Air. It’s largest aircraft is the Cessna 402 (although it does operate a couple of ATR42 on a code share with another airline. Ameriflight has an extensive route system in the USA and Caribbean. It’s not general aviation though it’s largest aircraft is the EMB120. Most flights are operated by Beech 99 and Metro aircraft.

The term “general aviation” does not describe a type of aircraft. Many 737’s are general aviation aircraft while even more Cessna 402’s are not.


Cape Air and I assume Prinair operate or operated regular scheduled flights that the general public could or can purchase tickets for, with KFS they do not operate regular scheduled flights nor can the general public purchases tickets per se for any of their flights, they strictly operate charters on an ad hoc basis and this constitutes General Aviation in my opinion.



You’re right. More research indicates that Kalitta Charter operates under a different call sign than Kalitta Air (KFS and CKS respectively) so KFS is general aviation.

That said, operating strictly ad hoc charters still does not make an operator general aviation. There are many operators that do operate ad hoc flights for both the public and other airlines yet they are not general aviation.

As mduell implies. the definition of an airline is not well defined. In my opinion, if an operator operates under Part 121 it’s an airline.


Can we put CNK back in as GA?