Future Schedule for a Single Aircraft

I’m looking for the best method to get future scheduled flights for a single aircraft or a list of aircraft. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

For commercial airlines AirlineFlightSchedules would be the closest match. However, this would not indicate a single aircraft and would be route based. In general, information linking a scheduled flight to a single aircraft via registration is not available until up to 48 hours in advance of departure.

Thank You for looking at this. I did some additional testing of FlightInfoEX and it looks as though this method does list scheduled flights as well as historical flights. Scheduled flights for a specific tail number are showing Actual departure and actual arrival times with 1/1/1970 0:00 but have Scheduled Block out UTC dates in the future (ex, 6/13/2018 15:30). Based on this explanation is my interpretation correct?

Yes, if a 0 appears then there is no data yet for this value, which is normal for a scheduled flight that has not departed. Here’s other flight statuses that can be derived from the time values.