Fun with ADS-B data and Google Earth

Hi all,

I’ve amused myself with figuring out how to plunk the data I’ve logged into a PostGIS DB, and also to create pretty pictures and movies with Google Earth (among other things). You can view a sample Google Earth movie at and the code for it and a bunch of other stuff can be found at and Enjoy.

Hi stephenhocking
that is a really great job, adsb logger was what I was looking for a long time…

can you explain how can we install and run it?

clone the repository and do cd build? anyway to auto start?

thanks a lot



I’m trying to figure out how to package all this up at the moment - it’d be best to have it running on an x86 machine, as the DB likes a bit of memory. There’s a few dependent packages, and I’m trying to figure out how to specify them, as well as set up the DB.