Fun ride!

The other day I took a ride in a King Air 90 at the local dropzone. I didn’t jump (that time anyways) but did a ‘spectactor dive’ as they call it…Once the jumpers were all out, the pilot did a very aggressive descent (4000fpm+) with some pretty fun g-forces accompanying the turns. Fun times!
I do have a question though…King Air 90 doesn’t scream ‘aggressive’ at me. What kind of limits do those kind of planes have? Why oh why does pilot training have to cost so damned much?

To keep out the Riff Raff :open_mouth:

To keep out the Riff Raff :open_mouth:

Actually, I think I know why…
It’s to keep every damned person with half a sense of direction from cluttering up the skies and causing havoc on the ground. My experience is that there are a lot of people who seem to have a hard time driving a car, which seems like a pretty simple task compared to flying.

Its just cost of operation. Fuel, maintenance, etc.

the 90 is a turbine powered AC, when you start talking turbine things get expensive. Parts cost money and lots of it, insurance is also increased on a turbine cause they fly higher and faster. the bigger the faster the AC the more it costs to operate with few exceptions. thats the general rule

That sounds like every time I come home from MWCR via TADPO. Miami Center dumps you hard and fast

Lawyers and Insurance companies.

These two groups will be the death of aviation.

When I lived in Hawaii years ago there was an operator called Air Molokai. They operated Cessna 402s and 2 DC-3s. Even though they had not had a single accident or incident with the DC-3, they had to stop flying them because their insurance rates went up to a point where it was no longer economical to fly them.

I’ll always remember Air Molokai for my first flight in a DC-3. It was on December 17, 1987 - the 50th anniversary of the aircraft. It was a $10 flight from Honolulu to Molokai (no landing) back to Honolulu.

Too late!

I would disagree with that. Clearly there is a lot more to learn in aviation but, once you learn flying an airplane is easier than driving a car.

I guess once you do something enough times, it becomes second nature…When that happens, I can imagine flying becomes easier and much more enjoyable than driving. Flying feels so much more free than driving (obviously).

Speaking of flying… I just looked at a few videos of a Lancair IV, 360, and Propjet (Sorry if I am messing up those model names. I am going solely by what it said on the YouTube videos). Pretty cool planes! They are kit planes, though…Any way you can buy them pre-built?

Huh??? :confused:

Oh wow…I botched that one!


Yeah, there’re are a few of each model out there (CLICK HERE and scroll down to Lancair)

…but keep in mind that they’re somebody else’s homebuilt airplanes :open_mouth:

Needless to say I would have the airplane inspected VERY WELL before I took flight in it.