question - to real pilots


Hi this question is to real pilots.

I am an airplane fan, i watch em from the airport taking off and landing. But i dont have the cash to go fly in an airplane. And my dream is to fly in an airplane before i die. Even if it’s just a few minutes flight.

So my question is - has anyone ever taken complete strangers on a joyride flight before?

If so - for free or for a fee?

Anyone flying to or from KRFD anytime soon? (Rockford, Il)


I do this routinely myself for free. I figure what goes around, comes around, so me sharing the wealth is a good thing.

I don’t know your age, but may be a good starting place to check into possibly finding yourself strapped in the front seat of a small GA plane…



im 28 yr old, thats awesome that you do this. now only if you were near Rockford, IL sometime lol.

is there a place or website that i can look up to do this for free or cheap here in Rockford, Illinois?

thnx for reply


Can’t you spare $50?


Closest to Rockford I ever been was MFD (Mansfield OH). :slight_smile:

Poking around on the web, I did see a couple of county airports near by. and C77 has a flight training school.

You could explore the option of taking a “discovery flight” that some flight schools will offer since you are definately older then the general young eagle age.

What a discovery flight is, is that the school will “tease you” with a very short flight, usually 30 minutes to 45 minutes with a flight instructor for about 1/2 the normal going price (~$50 which will vary school to shool) giving you the opportunity to take the controls of the airplane. The instructor would do the take off and landing naturally.

Heck, if you are not shy, poke on out to the county airport and get yourself known. You never know, there are quite a few pilots like myself that enjoy taking “newbies” up especially when we know it’s the first time you have ever sat in the front seat of a plane.

Something to think on anyhow.



You are a faster typer then me! :smiley:


Just hang around GA airports and ask owners if you can wash their plane for a joyride… many will do!

Just google the web first to make sure you know how to wash a plane (use just water!!!) and some old soft clothing!!


The fine folks that wash my plane use a product called “purple rain” which has Multi-Metal Corrosion Inhibitor and gets the grimy stuff off the belly and the bug juice off the leading edge of the wings much easier.

I did my plane once, and it took me about 2 hours to wash, and 5 hours to wax.

Note, I said once, and to me, it’s well worth the 90 dollars (includes tip) for me pay somebody else that has equipment more designed for washing planes then I have (I.E. loooong handled brushes for those hard to reach places).

You will earn your ride if you wash a plane :smiley:



thnx, i didn’t realize it was that cheap :smiley: i am going to call em up and see if i can finally go up in a plane :smiley:

thnx again :slight_smile:

p.s. i might also try the washing the plane idea :wink:


My father keeps a few of them in the shower for just such an occasion.


HEY! I don’t mock you poor vertically challenged folks!


After seeing the Christmas picture a few year back a mental image I don’t want just flashed in my head. Thanks a lot James




I realize this topic’s been dead over a week…

I think is a good place to start too!

Most schools offer a Discovery flight for a discounted rate. If you take this option you actually get to fly (and log) the time with an instructor.
Side note:
My brother did this on a trip to Hawaii as a cheaper alternative to the helicopter tour flights. He let his girlfriend fly while he took arial pics of the area. Not bad for $50.00!!