Fuel and Altitudes


Great start flightaware. I like the bundled charts for destinations, for those of who use some sort of efb it is nice to have the charts all in one place. Nice Job. Also like that you show fuel prices at departing and arriving airports. However, when I used a sample 172 the fuel prices shown on the route info were JetA prices not 100LL.
Also in planning a route over mountains no consideration seems to be given for altitudes. Not sure how to easily resolve that one, but am concerned that someone not familiar with an area might blindly ASSume that flying at 6000’ will be ok—which of course might plow them into the side of a mountain. My wish would be for the software to take into account necessary MEA’s for different legs, and figure altitudes appropriately.
Good Job- look forward to more improvements.


FlightAware does not currently guarantee terrain separation.

The fuel type bug is resolved on the development system and will be corrected on FlightAware.com later today.