flight planning vfr

I’m trying to use flightaware flight planning software and having a few problems. My aircraft is simple, a PA-22 Colt, I created a basic aircraft using the program. I’m not sure what to do with the climb and decent profiles, it basically cruises at 106 mph and has a ceiling of 14,500 ft. To gain access I put in some round numbers for climb 750 fpm and decent 1000 fpm with fuel burn 6.0 gph across the board. The program allowed the profile so I tried a simple flight plan from KFMY to KFXE. The program will not generate a flight plan? It says:

Unable to find a valid cruising altitude within the limitations of direction of flight, origin and destination airport altitude, and available performance data

I could probably use a profile from a C-150 and modify but none are in the data base.

Any help appreciated.

Did you put numbers in for more than one cruise altitude? If not it may not be able to compute a climb and decent in the distance allotted by your city pair.

The flight planning system needs more than one data point.

Create climb/cruise/descent profiles with data at 0, 5, 10, and 15 thousand feet and you should be set. If you need any help, call customer service and ask for Collin White.