From/To line


From/To line no longer present on larger area radar maps generated from the beta site. Only seeing them on specialty maps (fleet or type maps) on the original site. Seemed to change in the last two days. Hope it comes back. FYI. Tnx Jan/CID


CID-Enter gets me the region map with from/to lines (3-line display), but when expanded to half-screen (200 miles across with target airport in the middle), reverts to 2-line tags. Main flightaware site, beta doing fewer things than before the weekend. FYI - Jan nr CID


Check out … =beta+site toward the middle from Mduell.



Thanks. I was aware of this. I was just reporting the changes I’ve noted. Things keep changing. I was getting from/to lines on the pop-up maps up until Sunday or so on the beta site, not the other. There was more information here than I recalled, however. Thanks.


Looks nice. Enjoy it on the specialty maps, also enjoy the "blow-up"
specialty maps. Anywhere posted names of these different sorts of
maps? My nomenclature may be confusing people. (Creative though, aren’t I?) HI Tnx - Jan nr CID


I don’t know what you’re doing, but it really looks good. All maps and blow-ups, etc. Just about what I wanted. Keep up the good work. -Jan
(a/o 12-2-07 1330z)


From/to line gone on beta-generated big maps. It was neat. Happy holidays. -Jan


No beta site (maybe that was the deal last time, didn’t notice). -Jan


The beta site has been closed to the public. We’ll open it up again when there’s a new feature we want to test.


Thanks for letting me know. I used it for the from/to lines on the airport region maps, but I do realize that they take up space and may cause other problems. I like the way they are implemented on all of the other specialty maps (and their blow-ups). I’ll look forward to seeing them again someday. Ciao. Jan nr CID


On the occasion of my birthday I’ll permit myself to be a pain in the butt (not that I need much excuse) and ask for a progress report on from/to lines on pseudo-radar displays since I note they are on all the maps except the one I want them on (airport regional displays). I also wonder if there is some way to get a track on some of the international flights that I hear on the radio and can almost never find on a specific flight map, often flying over this part of the world from Europe headed for points south and west. Or from ANC-wards, headed south and east. Once the track is interrupted, it never reappears. I can sometimes find them by punching in airport codes, but using their flight numbers tends to be useless. Are we working on this so we track nerds can see where they are and where they’ve been? Thanks. Jan / Iowa


Happy Birthday N0AAA. Origin/destination on the airport maps isn’t far off, but it’s behind some other work on the developers table.


Cool. Thanks for the reply. -Jan / Iowa