Fresh install on a Netgear DGN2200

Hello Community,

I’m in the process of flashing a Netgear DNG2200 modem with openWRT to feed flight tracking back to Flightaware uisng a dongle with the RTL2832U/R820T chip from Realtek, Dump1090 and Piaware.

I’ve been reading the different feeds and FAQs and I’m a bit confused in which packages to grab and install on my fresh clean Linux setup.

Could anyone point me to the latest stable versions required to get my feeder working?

Many Thanks,

It’s my understanding that OpenWRT has it’s own package system. Dump1090 is in the packages, but there is no package for PiAware, and I don’t think you can compile PiAware on an OpenWRT system. (Pretty sure it’s musl based…) The Dump1090 package does look like it’s a Mutability version from 2015-11 though so you could try that one.

If you can get tcl building for openwrt then you should be able to get piaware running. There’s no package for it that I know of though.

Are you looking for a all in one solution. You could reserve as an option to just run dump1090 and forward the output of that to piaware running on a different machine.


Thank you for these prompt replies!

I’ve been playing around with an Arduino Yun running openWRT. the rtl-tcl and Dump1090 are available as packages.

I also made also built a package of Piaware on an Ubuntu machine for a test. Could get rtl_test to output correctly and Dump1090 to talk. Couldn’t connect to Flightaware though also Piaware installed correctly.

I’m making the assumption that as both (Ubuntu and openWRT) are running Debian I could build Piaware on the openWRT OS of the modem.

My question is more to where maybe on Git or other branches one could find the latest versions to make my rtl-tlc, dump1090 & Piaware.


User obj (mutability) will be able to tell you the subtle differences between these.