FlightAware feeder for LEDE

I’ve recently been playing around with a couple of cheap linux SoC modules (linkit 7688 for $12) and found that LEDE (a fork of openWRT) has working rtl-sdr , and dump1090 packages that work quite well. I’d love to throw one of them up in the attic to provide slightly better local coverage, but there isn’t a package/port of the FA feeder. I’d take a poke at it but my skills probably aren’t up to the challenge of doing it properly or in a timely manor. If anyone with some experience with the feeder wants to give it a poke it would be appreciated, and since LEDE/OpenWRT runs on quite a lot of deployed hardware it would make adding receivers as easy as plugging an rtlsdr stick into the back of whatever router is already in use.

Robert Szasz

In my experience Tcl is the biggest missing link for building a piaware package on OpenWRT or similar.

The dump1090 available is also kind of old but I was able to compile dump1090-mutability without too much trouble, to get better performance.