Flying with kids in a GA plane?


Thoughts on “entertainment” for 2 six year old kids on a 1 1/2 hour flight most appreciated?

My only “restriction” is no batteries required. Figured my sister would know some things for them to bring whether it be books or whatever, but I also would like if I can keep them interactive with the flight itself. I want the flight to be unique and not just like riding in their SUV watching DVDs.

Some of this will be easy by setting the GPS to nav mode so I can ask them how far to go, or how long it will take to get back to my house, simple things like reading the altimeter and such, but any other suggestions? I will save the “negative G’s” at the end of the flight :smiley:

Sectional might be a little complex for their age I think, or spotting airports from the air but being the childless type I am maybe others can give me some insight on what they do with their kids?

Flight to be undertaken tomorrow afternoon.


Cruising 12,000 ft; they’re much less antsy when they’re half conscious.


Well if your able to fly close to other planes you could play registration tag.


hahaaha, but seriously. If you cruise at 10,000 they’ll fall asleep. My dad’s friend has a Baron and would fly x-countries at about 10,000 feet to keep the kids quiet.


Keep saying to them, “Look kids! Big Ben…Parliament!!”


How 'bout a few rounds of “Shape Bingo”. Make a few cards with 3x3 grids and put various shapes in each grid (circle, X, +, triangle, squiggle line, etc) and have them find and call out the shapes on their cards as they see them on the ground. Make up your own rules as you see fit.


Y’all are too funny :smiley: Keep 'em coming!


The novelty of flying in a small plane, coupled with the natural curiosity common to most young kids, will more than likely keep them entertained. You’ll should be prepared for about a gazillion questions.


It’s Slinky, Slinky, the favorite of girls and boys!



That is hysterically funny!!! :laughing:


Or N number poker!


These two kids are relatively speaking “veterans” having about 7 hours flight time, just never from one airport to another or more then 45 minutes of touch and goes, steep turns or pushovers in the practice areas. They were 2 years old on their first flight. Looking back in my log book, first flight was July 2004. Surprisingly, they have never been on a commercial flight since my sister would much rather walk coast to coast then fly any type of plane.

At least the primary GPS will answer that inevitable question how much longer do we have :slight_smile: as it will be set to ETE (Estimated time enroute).

Second GPS will have the map displayed showing where the airplane is in relation to the airports.

I do hope that I do get questions on the why’s so they are interacting with their surroundings.

I may delegate “camera duties” (PIC breaking his own set rules about “batteries”) to the one that sits in the back to get “good pictures” of what they see on the ground so it will be interesting to see the results through the eyes of a 6 year old. At least the camera will be a venue of interactivity with their surroundings would be my take.

CAVU expected so I don’t even think they will get the chance to even get up close and personal with a cloud. Maybe Sunday that will change

Lordy, these kids probably will never be the same after spending a weekend with their “Uncle Allen” 8)


2 Six year olds? Fraternal, Identical or Irish?



Definitely not identical and not Irish.

Or maybe they are??? O’cooper, O’Holly where are you!


I was going to say go cloud surfing. A Friend and I took a ten year old and his mom up to northern minnesota this summer and after we cleared MSP airspace it was a requirement by the kid to go through every cloud that we possibly could. CAVU will not help you on this one though.




Some of the best times i can remember with my sister is playing licence plate tag…killing each other over who seen the plate first…what better than to play N number tag. …Watch the 2 6 year olds fight over who see the N number first, Then slowley pass the other pilot scare the ^#% as he’s wondering where you came from and watch his eyes buldge as 2 kids are killing each other over who saw his N number first and hes not even got a clue.


You shouldn’t abuse those children like that, anyone can see that they’re terrified!

Two of my sisters are Irish twins, both with red hair and born 51 weeks apart.


my son started flying w/ me a @ about age 6. If he’s in back and not in a booster up front, he always has a sectional to “follow”. May not be enough to fill the entire flight, but they can pick out landmarks.
Beyond that, it’s Spongebob on the DVD player once airborne and cruisin!!


my son started flying w/ me a @ about age 6. If he’s in back and not in a booster up front, he always has a sectional to “follow”. May not be enough to fill the entire flight, but they can pick out landmarks.We don’t get to fly quite as much, so I make sure he’s seeing the whole thing and not messing around on his little PSP or other game or something. Our flying time is special, I follow him through the preflight and he will alot of times give me flaps, carb heat, calls out my altitude, airspeed etc, plus tries to decipher location on the sectional.
Beyond that recommendationwise, it’s Spongebob on the DVD player once airborne and cruisin!!