Float Plane...

Any one ever fly in a float plane?

Apparently so


I’m sure lots of people have.

Hey Needle, what kind of plane is that?

Cool little bird.

Well, I guess it’s an Ikarus C42B…

LINK to a.net page

Ikarus C42 LSA

Thanks Gents

Wouldn’t want to land that in less then glassy water. doesn’t look like it’d take even light chop.

Nice pic though!

HAHAHAHA :laughing: So have you NeedleNose?

Nope. Not me.

Ok. Anyone else?

I plead the 5th


:laughing: :laughing:

Can’t say I have, But I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night.

Hey James-

How’d you like the 172 on EDO’s?
I learned on a T-craft with a 85hp motor. with two on board and 8 gallons it took a bit of water to get in the air.

How far does it take to get off the water at MTOW?

It’s the only float plane I’ve flown, so I don’t have anything to compare it to. It seemed to handle just fine, it could’ve used a few extra HP, especially during glassy water takeoffs, but what airplane couldn’t? We had about 3/4 full tanks, 2 guys, and my wife in the back seat and it handled just fine. It was quite cool out though, hot and high would’ve been a lot different.