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FlightXML 3 : FindFlightStruct not returning with "inbound_faFlightID"


When doing a search with FindFlight method is not returning with the “inbound_faFlightID” in any of the segments, however if you search with “FlightInfoStatus” you get the inbound ID even when you search for a segment returned by the “FindFlight”. Is this a normal behavior ?

The documents suggest it will be returned if the “inbound ID” is known, which from my testing, the ID is found when directly searching it with “FlightInfoStatus” meaning, that the ID is known and it should be returned when using “FindFlight”. I hope It makes sense what I am explaining.

Here is a screenshot of the same flight with different results.

Any help will be appreciated.

@bovineone Please help me with this question… Thank you

That limitation is by design. Computing the inbound flight is a computationally expensive operation that would would add too much overhead to a bulk data function like FindFlight

I see,

Ok, so in a scenario where I searched for XX Flight, I get back a list of flights, and I have to do another request (for one of those flights I received ) to get the inbound flight ID, then do another request for that flight. Total of 3 request ? Seems a bit redundant when the flight id already exist in the database I would think.

Thank you for your reply !

As I mentioned, the inbound flight is not pre-computed or known/stored in advance by us. It must be computed on demand by doing an additional table scan across all flights within a time window for that airport, weighting and matching multiple criteria including registration and gate assignment.

Not all users require this field when calling FindFlight, so that field was chosen not to be populated for those requests. Typically applications can use a policy of incremental disclosure when a user actually drills down and selects a specific flight to view.


Thank you for your clarification. The design of my app is one that will facilitate the information in a manner that seems fluent and easy to navigate, with minimal interaction from the user, giving them a sense of automated information. And in my case, trying to manage the amount of request for a better experience to the user, and for cost saving.

When you say:

what do you mean? As in like notifying the user of extra steps if they want more information ?

Thank you once again.

FindFlight can return a large number of matching flights. Your application should display those flights to the user, and allow the user to tap/select one of the flights before attempting to fetch the existence of an inbound flight.

I agree,

In fact, that is how the design is. It shows the list of matching flights, where the user will tap on the flight he is interested in. If that list did come with the “inbound” ID, then it would request the information for that flight, and present the flight he is interested in, and the location/status of the inbound flight. But since the inbound flight ID does not come on that list of flights, then when the user taps, I have to request again the flight for which the user is tapping just to get the inbound id, then perform a request on that ID. Hence the reason why I was wondering why the inbound id was not showing, it would have saved some request.

I will continue to explore different ways to minimize unnecessary request where is possible.

Thank you for your time.