Anyway to return FlightInfo via faFlightID?


Looking through the documentation, I couldn’t really find anything I was looking for so maybe someone here can help me.

Given a specific faFlightID, is there anyway I can return flight information using only that field as an input?



One option is to call SearchBirdseyeInFlight with “{= fp COA16-1279860517-airline-0063}”, or whatever faFlightID that you’re interested in, as the search expression. It returns a slightly different structure (InFlightAircraftStruct), but it contains many of the fields in FlightInfoStruct/FlightStruct.

What fields are you specifically interested in?


After looking at it for, it’s not what I thought it was. I thought maybe it was an ID you guys used to track actual aircraft, but instead it looks like it’s only unique per flight, not aircraft.



Right, the faFlightID represents a single flight at a single time.

If you’re interested in just an aircraft, then the Ident (tail number or flight number) is what you’ll want to use.