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No inbound_faFlightID


My team is really interested in using the inbound_faFlightID property to get flights in between an origin and destination. However, we found that this attribute can be inconsistent at times, for instance, we were using the CLX7794 flight to test our program. At first the API was sending the inbound correctly, but currently it isn’t sent at all. The flight that we were testing goes from GDL to LUX. I know that this field is only included for queries with 15 flights or less, but the response of the previous ident is of 10. Are there any other considerations in which this field is not sent?

Thank you

Can you clarify what you mean by getting flight in between an origin and destination? Provide an example query showing the inconsistencies?

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Using the example above, the ident CLX7794 corresponds to a route of flights that go from MEX to LUX. We want to find all the flights that form that route. A direct flight from MEX to LUX doesn’t exist, but a combination of flights gets you there, in this case would be MEX->GDL; GDL->IAH; IAH->LUX. So, what we want is to find that route (those three flights) out of the ident (CLX7794) and the origin (MEX) and destination (LUX) flights. To do so we found that the inbound_faFlightID is useful.

For the example, we made the following request: https://flightxml.flightaware.com/json/FlightXML3/FlightInfoStatus?ident=CLX7794, which corresponds to the test case mentioned above. A few weeks ago, we were receiving the inbound_faFlightID, currently we don’t get it. In our perspective, this flightID: CLX7794-1634923637-2-0-66 should be the inbound of this one: CLX7794-1634927674-10-0-66. Is there a reason of why this is being ignored apart from the response size? Or are we getting the wrong idea of how this field works?

This is being caused by a recent change our team made to support inbound flight IDs for result sets of more than 15. Our team found a bug once the change was made, and are currently investigating and working on a fix ASAP.

Ok, I understand. Could you please notify me once this issue is solved?

This issue has been resolved. Please do note that there is still the chance that flights can be missing the inbound flight ID for various reasons, but we are constantly working to improve the quality of the data returned from AeroAPI.