inbound_faID not showing up in FindFlight

Hello, I’ve noticed that in FindFlight requests, inbound_FaID isn’t showing up in the results. I know it says “if known”, but if I do the same search in airportBoards, the inbound_FaID is known and returned. For now, this is causing me to create additional, unnecessary API calls.

I’m not able to replicate this. Do you have some examples?

Thanks for the reply, Stephen. This query, as well as any other query I run, does not provide inbound_FaID.

Can any flightaware staff chime in on this?

The current behavior possibly may not change. FindFlight and InboundFlight are both computationally expensive operations for us on the backend, and populating that one additional field on every flight result could potentially increase the execution time of the query too much. We’ll need to evaluate the impact first, but that will likely not happen for several weeks at the soonest.