Flights situation due to Ukraine crisis

A significant part of the video is dedicated to Anchorage. It looks like a hidden advertisement for the services of this airport.

Anchorage was a busy cold war airport on route around USSR.

“Away from the buildings”
Satellite pictures show some serious airplane rearrangement occurred at Kyiv International Airport.
Between March 21 and March 23.03, planes were removed from the gates but also from the main parking. Several planes were regrouped South of the airport, on a parking between the runways.

Cathay Pacific Airways Ltd. plans to reroute its New York-Hong Kong service to avoid Russian airspace, in what would be the world’s longest commercial passenger flight by distance.

The airline plans to fly from John F. Kennedy International Airport over the Atlantic Ocean, the U.K., southern Europe and central Asia.

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Russia is not going to refuse cooperation with foreign companies, but there will be no previous interaction in the near future - it is necessary to respond to their unfriendly actions, Russian President Vladimir Putin said during a meeting on the aviation industry.
“Russian companies fully complied with the existing agreements and were ready to continue to fulfill them. However, Western countries have taken their step, and of course we must respond to it. Of course, there will be no previous interaction with former partners in the near future. We are not going to who to hide from and we will not be a closed country, but we must proceed from the realities that are emerging," the president said.
Putin also noted that Russian air carriers and aircraft manufacturers were among the first to feel the consequences of “inadequate decisions by Western countries.” “In fact, they deceived Russian partners by stopping the supply, leasing, maintenance and insurance of aircraft. In addition, the airspace of European countries was also closed to our aircraft. I will now leave aside the consequences of such a decision for the foreign organizations themselves, including lost reputation and direct loss," he added.
Путин заявил, что Россия не намерена ни от кого закрываться - РИА Новости, 31.03.2022

Game over for the AN-225

Antonov hopes to rebuild the Destroyed An-225 Mriya with a Fundraiser

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An-124 occupies this market of transport services. There is no commercial need for exactly such an aircraft.

Yes, the AN-225 was used just a few times for some heavy weight or mass load (e.g. millions of Covid masks to Germany)

But overall it was more a prestige unique aircraft.
However i am sure there will be lots of enthusiasts who want to see it flying again.

Antonov has not been producing aircraft for several years, but is only engaged in maintenance and transport services. It is no longer an aircraft manufacturer and does not have the necessary capabilities.
The only one who needs such aircraft is China.

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That is… hm… incomplete?

Air India stopped selling tickets for the route Delhi - Moscow for unknown time

Air India прекратила продажу билетов на рейсы Дели - Москва (

Quite a bit incomplete. These Ukrainian planes haven’t flown for 30 years, so I’m surprised it caught fire.

Perhaps this is related to this:

On April 4, 2022, the Rostec state corporation said that it could, if necessary, transfer any domestic airline to its Russian Leonardo reservation system, developed by RT-Transcom (part of Rostec) in partnership with Sirena-Travel, within a day, if necessary.
Previously, most Russian airlines used foreign air ticket booking systems. For example, the American Saber (used by Aeroflot and Rossiya airlines) and Navitair (Victory), the Spanish Amadeus (serves S7), and the Swiss SITA (works with the regional carrier Yakutia).

Currently, as part of import substitution, customer data protection and the need to store them in Russia, Russian airlines have begun to switch to domestic systems for booking and selling air tickets with servers located in the Russian Federation.

Some airlines have argued that the process of migrating to the new booking system could shut down carriers indefinitely, negatively impacting their business as well as causing problems for customers.

PS in 2018:

Maybe there are still things used which can catch fire. Any plastic, fabric, wood. Whatever hasn’t been removed because it usually doesn’t catch fire.

Ah, that makes sense. India was known until now as “russian friendly” country, so that step would have been a surprise. Now it’s not any longer.

Another news:
Sanctions Delay Serial Production Of Russia’s MC-21 By Two Years | Aviation Week Network

The complex triangle of relations between India, Russia and China. For modern Russia, India is neutral. For the Soviet Union - a friendly country. China is a hostile country for the Soviet Union. China and India cannot be friendly to Russia at the same time.

Cargologic 747 has been banned for take off from Frankfurt Hahn Airport

2022 - Ban on take-off due to EU sanctions: Russian jumbo jet is stuck at Hahn Airport (

I wonder what model this transport plane was.

Russian air defence means in the Odessa area shot down a Ukrainian military transport plane in the air, delivering a large batch of weapons supplied to Ukraine by Western countries.

16.04.2022 (20:30) Briefing by the Russian Defence Ministry

Without an independent source it’s hard to determine