Any Place to figure out typical flight plans from Moscow

In Russia to Hong Kong, Frankfurt and Charles De Gaulle.

Similar to a lot of flights we can do here. I went to UEEE and clicked on some flights
and they dont show routing.


I don’t believe Russia is part of Eurocontrol so you won’t get the entire flight plan, only the departure and arrival messages on flights to/from someplace that has at least some sort of tie in with the FAA computer. I assume you meant UUEE not UEEE. I can’t believe you would ever see a domestic Russian flight here.

John in Saudi


I was just trying to build a flight plan out of Moscow to the 3 bases in question. I Guess I could do the Departure and arrival and direct to out of the departure to the IP but Id rather build a common route.

Testing :slight_smile: :slight_smile: