Flightnumber, Hight, Aircraft-type

can you advise, would like to see flight-number, aircraft-type and hight next to the plane-icon.

similar to:

thanks a lot

Looks like you are using VRS. If that’s the case, on the map, click on Menu. Then Options, then Aircraft, select number of labels, and the info you want displayed in each of them.

P.S.1 Flight number is not always available.

P.P.S.2 The pasted picture already shows flight number for one plane. Altitude as well, but in meters.

P.P.S.3 If you mean the labels are to be shown beside the plane, I don’t think it’s possible, but you can make it closer to the plane, by unchecking Show Altitude Stalk, in the same page where you configured the labels.


many thanks for your reply … I am using piaware.

In the past over dump1090 you have been able to modify/and pimp the gui of your own trackings.

with piaware (based on dump1090-fa) it is really limited …
however you are right, i am locking for the swich to show labels like flight# and altitude next to the plane.

Used the screenshot from VRS just to show my intention.

Ok…got it. I don’t think you can easily add things to Piaware Skyview. Some things are possible, and have been done, but requires familiarity with Linux. This is one reason people will also use VRS.

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Actually it requires familiarity with javascript and in this case the openLayers framework the map rendering is based on.

Mostly any programming experience will do though if you are persistent.

This is possible using the OL3 mod. This is a replacement html directory for /usr/share/dump1090-fa/html. See Option number 7 for a screenshot of this particular feature. You just unzip it right in PiAware, rename your existing html to html_original or similar, and rename the new one as html, and reload Skyview. Hover on the button near the top for all the options. It has other VRS-like features too such as range plots, plus a choice of maps. If you’re in the UK there are also additional overlays of interest. Very useful.

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The permanent lables show only when zoomed-in.
At normal zoom levels, there are no permanent labels.
A mouse pointer placed over aircraft displays its label as long as the mouse pointer is over the aircraft.

Normal Zoom


Zoomed in

A nice improvement I think, keeps the map uncluttered where they’re all overlapping each other adn unreadable anyway.

You are right!
I didnt I realize this benefit till I read your post.

yes, there are some nice features, but small / private owned a/c you’ll have no a/c icon as usual, only an u/i icon …
(see three red circles)
So I went back to original dump1090-fa.

many, many thanks @@chrislfa - this is very interesting and a good starting point.