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FlightInfoStatus ICAO conversion not working all the times

Hi there.

I am trying to get flight status info but the api service does not always convert the IATA to ICAO. For example :
FlightInfoStatus?ident=A3855 does not return any result , but if i send FlightInfoStatus?ident=AEE855 it does. On the other hand for another flight FlightInfoStatus?ident=BA2713 it does return the result (ICAO is BAW). Could it be that IATA A3 (Aegean airlines) is not mapped to AEE ?

In my settings i have “Do not show position-only flights” and as per other threads IATA to ICAO conversion should automatically be applied.

Your reply is appreciated.

Thank you very much.

In general, IATA carrier codes that have numbers in them (such as “A3”) are not automatically translated. You should always specify ICAO versions of idents/airports to FlightXML when possible.

Thank you very much for replying.

I am trying to find a solution as visitors use IATA codes, not ICAO (all tickets and bookings refer to IATA not ICAO). Would it be possible to add another parameter to your method to search by IATA ? It would be much faster for you to get the ICAO from the IATA and then query.

Otherwise i would appreciate your reply with the best approach.

Kind Regards