Identifying airlines by the two-letter code

How do I call InFlightInfo() when all I know for the airline is the two-letter code?
For example, the correct way would be to say InFlightInfo(“UAL20”) but what I want to do is say InFlightInfo(“UA20”).

Do you have a function that converts the two letter airline code to the three letter code?


InFlightInfo/FlightInfoEx/etc already allow you to specify IATA style (two character) idents, and will internally convert to ICAO style (three character) idents when there is no ambiguity.

However, it is recommended that your application be written to internally use and execute queries using ICAO style idents since there is no ambiguity in interpretation. (For example, B6 is the IATA code for JetBlue, but “B6101” might represent JetBlue flight 101 or a tail number from China.) If you need to make your program display results to your users using IATA codes, then you should keep all data internally as ICAO and do that final conversion just as you are about to display the data.

I tried that with Delta airlines but it seems to not be working.
Is there a reason why it accept “DAL” but it does not accept “DL”?


Works fine for me… … &howMany=1

{“FlightInfoExResult”:{“next_offset”:1,“flights”:{“faFlightID”:“DAL4-1375075972-airline-0029”,“ident”:“DAL4”,“aircrafttype”:“B738”,“filed_ete”:“04:00:00”,“filed_time”:1375075972,“filed_departuretime”:1375299900,“filed_airspeed_kts”:349,“filed_airspeed_mach”:“”,“filed_altitude”:0,“route”:“”,“actualdeparturetime”:0,“estimatedarrivaltime”:1375314900,“actualarrivaltime”:0,“diverted”:“”,“origin”:“KJFK”,“destination”:“TJSJ”,“originName”:“John F Kennedy Intl”,“originCity”:“New York, NY”,“destinationName”:“Luis Munoz Marin Intl”,“destinationCity”:“San Juan, PR”}]}}

My sincerest apologies.

Note this courtesy translation from IATA 2 letter airline codes to ICAO 3 letter airline codes only works for a limited subset of airlines where the two letter code and flight number is not ambiguous with another flight identifier.

For example B6543 could be the Chinese registration B-6543 or JBU543 and FlightAware will not translate B6543 to JBU543.