Get flight alternative Ident and carrier name


I am using Enroute to get all arrivals in a particular airport. The ident of the flight in this example is this one: FCB713

Is there is a way to retrieve the secondary ident: FCB713 / CO713 ?

Also, using the Enroute, is it possible to get the full carrier name? In the example above would be “Cobalt Air”
If not, how can i retrieve it?


We don’t at present have an endpoint that will convert the icao to iata for an airline or vice versa. FCB is the ICAO code for Cobalt while CO is the IATA code. I believe we’re going to add some of that iata <-> icao functionality to FlightXML3 though.

That’s bad. I was developing a system to show departures/arrivals. All tickets i think include the IATA code.

Is there is any library online where i can correlate ICO <-> IATA codes?

What about my second question? Can i get the full carrier name?

If you don’t have the “show position-only flights” turned on for your account, then when you do a query of FlightInfo or FlightInfoEx, you can pass the iata code and flight number and we’ll try to convert that to the icao. However if you do turn on position-only flights then the iata to icao translation will be disabled.

There are a few sites out there that have icao or iata searches, but I’m not aware of an online library. The iata site (IATA - IATA Codes) is usually where I search for airline codes and the faa contractions document is where I verify icao codes.

To get the full name of the carrier you can use the AirlineInfo method.

I need to convert from ICO to IATA, not the opposite. I already got my results in ICO format.

Thanks for the AirlineInfo note.

In the interim we do sell a copy of our airline database which has the icao <-> iata fields and full description.

I have created a MySQL database that includes all the airline information, IATA and ICAO codes, as well the full Airline name, Callsign and Country.

Please feel free to use it:

Let me know for any mistakes or missing airlines.