Flight Tracking



I would like to include the flight tracking option similar to the one available on top of the flightaware site for my website.

Please find attached the image for reference.

I tried using the API call for the operation “FlightInfoEx”.

But does not return anything for the flight IX442 when entered as such, but returns only when entered as AXB442. I was told that ICAO code is best to use for the API. Can you please help me map these two codes for the flight.

Also do you have any code reference for obtaining the similar output in the attachment.

Thanks & Best Regards,
Joseph Simon

FlightXML2/FlightInfo show "no data available" error

The function “FlightInfoEx” will usually perform translations of IATA code for ICAO codes for major airlines when there is no ambiguity, but this cannot be relied upon in all cases. Additionally, this automatic IATA translation is not performed if you have enabled the “position-only” feature on your user account at flightaware.com/account/manage/

As noted, we generally recommend that your application perform IATA to ICAO conversions before sending requests to us, and typically try to do this by visually confirming with the user the identity of the airline that you are matching by showing the icon or using a dropdown list of the airline name.

If you need a local database of airlines and their corresponding IATA/ICAO codes, we do have it available for download from flightaware.com/commercial/data/operators


Thanks. Changing the position worked.