FlightFeeder won't boot properly?


i already sent a support email today but i bight be something that others know.

I just got FlightFeeder and since it stayed for customs many days, they opened everything… now when i connect everything on HDMI port i get login interface instead of statistics data…

I have been thinking about reinstalling SD cadrd inside it, is there a way to do that?

It’s FlightFeeder not the tiny one but the last one i think, as here: flightaware.com/adsb/flightfeeder/

The serial is: 5097

Any guidelines???

I am not sure that the HDMI is meant to display statistics data. Maybe it is meant to stay this way.
Try the following. First install the feeder on the location you applied for, provide it with internet, wait some 30-40 minutes. If you do not see the feeder on you FlightAware stats page, then ask for support.

Statistics are not shown on the FlightFeeder directly. Click the “My ADS-B” link at the top of flightaware.com for your site’s statistics. Technical support can provide further assistance if you’re having trouble.

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I’m quite sure that ether my question is not clear enough or it’s a reply for another forum thread…

Anyway, it’s ok now, somebody from fa contacted me and send me new image and guidelines…

Just the other night, my system reported offline. When I tried to SSH into it, I couldn’t get in. I resorted to plugging in an HDMI monitor and keyboard. I found that when it was booting, it was attempting to load Pixel. Not sure how this happened, considering it had been running untouched for almost a week. My only conclusion was some kind of automatic update had taken place and broke it. I resigned to the fact that it was unfixable, so I wiped my SD card, reloaded Rasbian Jessie and reinstalled PiAware. Been running fine ever since. I did do an image read on this last setup so I can reflash it again later, if this happens again. A lot faster than going through a complete manual setup again.

Note that the OP is talking about a FlightFeeder, not a piaware install.

For piaware, if you are doing a package-based install and you have not explicitly turned on piaware auto-upgrades then FA won’t send your system upgrade commands (they wouldn’t be accepted even if they did get sent)

The Pixel upgrade path is a real mess - I have reported a few bugs to the Foundation but they don’t seem very interested in fixing them. I got it to the point where a piaware sdcard upgrade would work OK, but if you’re running a vanilla install then all bets are off.

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