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Flight Feeder Continuous Restarting/stuck

Hi fellow members,

Please guide me to resolve this issue.

I have just seen red light flashing on my flight feeder. Upon connecting it to a screen via HDMI, I have got to know that it is either stuck while booting or restarting. And that is why, it is not able to start properly and feed.

Last message before it kept restarting was “starting load/save RF kill switch status…”.

And now, it is stuck on the following command:
[6.023422] brcmfmac_sdio mmc1:0001:1: firmware: direct-loading firmware brcm/brcmfmac43430-sdio.txt

I have submitted a ticket to the support as well, but I am not expecting any response from them anytime soon. Can anyone please guide me on how to fix it. Thank you.

Please mail adsbsupport@flightaware.com for FlightFeeder support if you haven’t already.