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Feeder (V10) unable to boot?!?! White Screen

My feeder was offline for a couple of month while I was stuck on a ship due to the COVID-19 crisis. Came back home a few days ago and finally got around to reconnecting the feeder. I have the red power light and the GPS module powers up too (in fact i get a green light on the GPS module so that is definitely able to resolve its position.) However the feeder screen stays white (blank, no activity). There is no boot up activity. Its connected via a ethernet cable to my home network and does not show on the network too so definitely not up and running.

Do i need to flash the memory card? I am totally new to Rasberry Pi so don’t know my way around it. I have raised a ticket with the Flightaware support, however was wondering if I can try troubleshooting it myself while I wait for them to respond. Any ideas anyone. Any help will be appreciated.

Are you using a Flightfeeder provided by Flightaware or did you set up a Raspberry on your own?
If it’s a Raspberry, which setup do you use? The Piaware image or the addon to the Raspberry OS?

Its a Flightfeeder provided by Flightaware.

Please mail adsbsupport@flightaware.com with your details and they can give you a hand with diagnosing the problem.

Its on its way :slight_smile: