Flightfeeder stopped feeding info

My Flightfeeder seems to have stopped reporting.
Opening a browser and making a local connection to the device gives me this error:

“Error opening HTML file: Too many open files”

I’m going to try a reboot.

Did a reboot solve this problem?

Yes, a reboot resolved the issue. I didn’t get any other notification that the receiver was offline for half a day.

I chatted with staff member David regarding this (and potential for sending the custodian an email if the receiver stops sending date).

I had the same issue on March 17th. I check my stats every day and saw that I was listed as being off-line. I first tried to connect over my LAN to the FF on port 8080 and no go. I then did a power reboot and all was well ever since. It would a nice idea to have an email dispatched, as suggested by mcfadyen, when the FF is no longer sending data for say the past 30 minutes… this way it’ll get my attention much faster and I can react sooner.

I just received an email from Dave telling me of “We just finished pushing the new update to your FF.”

My first thought when the FF went off-line was maybe it was being worked on remotely … like a failed firmware update… or something else along that line.

Anyway the new update and maps are a huge improvement. Keep up the good work guys!

Who would dispatch the email? It’s hard to envision the FF unit sending an ‘I am dead’ email when it has crashed or hanged. IMHO, the overhead incurred by FlightAware to monitor all it’s myriad data sources, and notify a responsible party of offline status, would be complex and costly. I don’t see it as a viable strategy for something other than mission-critical functions.

We already have an email reminder that gets sent to users by our server if their FlightFeeder or PlanePlotter goes offline for an extended period of time. However, the brief duration outages that you’re talking about are not long enough (by design) to trigger these reminders.

bovineone, Just curious as to how long does it have to be down to trigger an email response ?

Actually I just had this great idea to write a simple script I could run on my office server to monitor (ping it every 5 minutes) locally on my LAN. If it becomes a big problem I could even have my server do a remote power reset … this is easy enough for me to setup.

I believe it’s currently 3 days of non-communication, though we might consider lowering that in the future.

Thank you for information, i think 24h is better - it’s also make me the hint things go wrong with my network as well.