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FlightFeeder Orange software available anywhere?

So I 3d printed a flightfeeder orange case. Installed a nice touch screen interface to my pi3.
All looks great but I need to get the touch screen to look good on such a small screen. I was wondering if there is a mobile version of piaware optimized for this. Screen size is 3.2 inches

What I think would be much better is using flightfeeders own pi image. Does anyone know how we can obtain it?
Here is a picture of the unit I made

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Major kudos @BigTonyTones! Porting the FlightFeeder interface over to PiAware is in our development queue. I’m not sure it’s going to get done this quarter. PiAware 3.8.1 comes first. But if you’re interested in it I’m sure others are.

Nice work!

Tthank you esmathews!

Im getting somewhere. Waiting to go home to hook up my antenna and see how this goes