Touchscreen support - FlightFeeder Orange


I installed a 2.4" touchscreen (4D Pi Hat, Link) + the FlightAware software, but my Rpi doesn’t show the nifty little status screen that the official FlightFeeder Orange has:

What is the model of the touchscreen in the FlightFeeder orange?
Is it possible to activate the touchscreen menu on a homebrew Rpi?

Currently my touchscreen just displays the console (/dev/tty1) but I want this:


That display is fairly closely tied to the other FlightFeeder support infrastructure so it’s not available on a vanilla PiAware unfortunately.

There has been some discussion about making a version for piaware but no progress there at the moment.
Part of the problem is that there is such a huge variety of touchscreens out there, it is hard to see how we’d support them all.

The FF Orange uses this one, IIRC:


A pi version would be awesome!


Thank you for confirming that.

I have considered running a script that loads an x-windows browser pointing to localhost:80 - which in the piaware image shows a similar status screen as seen in the official FF Orange. Not sure how it will render on 320x248 though :slight_smile: