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FlightFeeder Orange running but no aircraft reported. ¿Antenna trouble?


I have had a FlightFeeder (Orange) 7.9.2~bpo8+1 running for over two years now, with no problems.

But lately, I’ve seen that it is not reporting as many flights around me as it used to.
For the last couple of days it has not been reporting any flights, even though I can actually see planes flying around.

I visually checked the antenna on the roof, the cable coming down to the FlightFeeder site and it’s connection to the FlightFeeder and I don’t see anything wrong. The Internet connection for the site it is in is working OK.

About 3 or 4 times in the last month I’ve seen that the FlightFeeder Main Screen sometimes shows the Radio Status and the MLAT icons as red, so I reboot the FlightFeeder from the Menu Systems option.

This seems to fix the red icons… temporarily.

Any help would be welcomed.

Best regards.

Here are a couple of screenshots of the Aircraft Reported:

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Sounds to me like a power problem. (or dongle)

Anyway for problems with a FlightFeeder, please write an Email to this address: adsbsupport@flightaware.com

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Thanks for your reply.

The power supply is working just fine it seems. It is the dedicated AC Power Supply.
FlightFeeder boots up and runs OK. I can’t tell that the problems show up after a similar or constant amount of time…

What dongle are you refering to?

Now the MLAT is acting up again…

The FlightFeeder Orange is basically a Raspberry Pi with a Flightaware Pro Stick connected.
So it’s a USB DVB-T receiver stick, often referred to as dongle.
(it’s all on the inside)

MLAT failing and then the receiver stopping to work is often an indication of insufficient power.
The Raspberry Pi itself will still run fine, but the dongle stops working.

Maybe the AC power supply is slowly not supplying the required voltage anymore.
Or the Flightaware Pro Stick itself could be the problem it’s impossible to say.

I suppose you could try another USB power supply, it’s the same plug that is used for charging mobile phones.
But wait for an Email from them first, they might not want you to use another power supply.

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You’re right!

That makes a lot of sense.


I’ll try a new Power Supply.

Best regards.

Your symptoms match a failing PSU.
If you can’t measure to supply voltage under load, swap it out and see if there is any change.

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Thank you for your comment.

Yes, wiedehopf said the very same thing.

Yesterday I replaced the Power Supply and now it seems to be working.

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