Flightfeeder box internal IP error, two IPs

My stats page shows live data from the Flightfeeder box is available locally on but clicking the link results in ‘connection timeout’.
Viewing the output of the Flightfeeder via HDMI shows the box is actually using and manually entering that address shows live data.

My stats page is updating properly and the box is ‘live’, updated within the last minute.

I have restarted the box, but it made no difference.

Is it something I should be worried about?

You may reboot both router and flightfeeder to see what IP the flightfeeder obtain…
If you can, assign a static DHCP IP to flightfeeder via Router to avoid any Internal IP trouble.

You may check the flightfeeder response by typing ping 192.168.2.xxx via cmd or visit DHCP Table via Router Portal.

In terms of “is it breaking anything?”, that IP is only really reported to put on your stats page as a convenience, so while that bit is obviously not working for some reason it’s not going to break anything else.

That’s great, thanks, as long as the data’s getting through