FlightAware Pro Stick

Reading the reviews it makes no sense not to invest in one of these.

However, I do not know what I have to change in order to use one of these.

What has me curious is this statement:

“Requires FlightAware ADS-B Filter or modified dump1090 gain settings”

Currently I have

Pi, running the Flightaware software only
NooElec NESDR Mini 2 USB
Have a MX cable to F adapter to a short piece of Coaxial plugging into the Power inserter.
“DIRECTV PI21R1-03 Power Inserter
Have about 24” of Coaxial cable between the power inserter and the AMP
Perfect Vision PVAMP1 Satellite Signal In-line Amplifier Booster 20 dB 950-2150 MHz LNB Dish TV Video DSS DBS Digital Antenna Coaxial Cable Run Channel Strength, 13 - 18 VDC, Part # Perfect PVAMP1 (AMSIA2)

Do I have to change or add anything?

If you have only 24 inches of coax, leave the satellite amp and inserter out. Not needed.

Will I need to add the flightaware filter or can I just keep using mine?

You can continue to use yours.

I just completed a trial with the Pro stick. After about 2 weeks, I found my stats dropped quite a lot with the Pro stick vs the perfect vision amp. Today, I have removed the pro stick and changed back to a standard stick and perfect vision amp. I assumed the built-in amp of the pro stick would be better/cleaner then the Perfect vision. It turns out to be the opposite. So, I would suggest keeping your current setup. The Pro stick is best for a system which wouldn’t have an amp otherwise. I’m now using the Pro stick on my UAT system.

My system also uses the VBFZ-1065-S+ filter.


The prostick will still need a filter, or lower gain settings, on 978Mhz. I have not seen many filters. I have one in my Hab/Nevis amp(Still in box).

The prostick is designed for a simple setup with a filter and antenna and a not so long cable run.
It is great value for money.

If you want a better setup, and the coax run is long, then a mast head amplifier, before the filter, will provide much better results. It is more work to setup and configure. I TXCO dongle may also provide a little better performance if used in a location with large temperature swings, like an attic.

My setup is an indoor Cantenna connected to dvbt by 12 ft / 4 meters RG6 coax.

I got my first pro stick last evening and replaced the generic dvbt with pro stick. The pro stick without filter in my case required bringing down the dump1090 gain to 35 dB, at which setting it performed like the generic unamplified dvbt dongle. A filter seems essential, but if you purchase a $22 filter, the advantage “great value for money” is lost.

Umm, I’m missing your point. Did I state something otherwise?

Well I guess now it’s the “Where can I get one and when?”